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My name is Bibi and I’m a serious bookaholic. I love reading and talking about the books I’ve read, which is why I created this blog. I’m a thirty-something who lives in England with my boyfriend and our beautiful fur baby











Our beautiful baby girl, Marley.


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Back then I loved it when I was visiting my Nanna and she would take me to the local library, where I could sit for hours and read about the Greek and Norse mythology. As I grew older I started visiting by myself, and the local librarians knew me well, because come closing time, I would still sit there on the floor totally engulfed in my books. In school my BFF and I would exchange books almost daily, that we’d read and just totally recommended to the other one, mostly about creatures that goes bump in the night. Troublesome as we might have been, no one could deny that we were well read.


As I grew older I’ve never lost my love for reading, which is why I love eBooks.While NOTHING beats the feeling of sitting with a real book and turn the pages the old school way, it has made it a lot lighter for me to travel. As I’m living abroad I used to bring anywhere between 3-10 books with me when I was going back home to visit my family, which left very little room in my luggage for necessities. If you’ve seen Gilmore Girls where Rory has a bus book, lunch book, a book she picks up every now and then, and then finally her backup book – that used to be me. So my shoulders, suitcases and handbags are thrilled that all I need now, is my phone or tablet in order to access my entire library.

The curse of eBooks are that handy as they are, I grew up on “real” books and I can’t shake the love of having the old fashioned books in my possession. So at the moment I’m kind of going through a process:


  • I read the book through Kindle Unlimited
  • If I like it, I’ll buy the eBook
  • If I love it, I’ll also buy the hard copy


According to my boyfriend I have a problem and should stick to buying the book once, but to me that’s just not an option. Greedy, I know!

The good thing about being the mother of my cat is, that she pretty much look after herself as long as I don’t forget about her feeding times. This leaves me so much spare time to do what I love, read as much as possible. At the moment I’m trying my best to keep broadening my reading horizon, instead of reverting back to old favourites.

The main genres I read:

  • Reverse Harem
  • Ménage
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Mythology



What I like to read about:

  • Mythology – especially new spins on old legends.
  • Legends – especially new spins on old ideas.
  • Beings that go bump in the night (shifter’s, Vampires, Fae & any kind of magic wielders).
  • Steamy stuff (this can be a mix of all the above, M/M, M/M/F and all the extra M’s you want).


I try to challenge myself with reads that are outside my usual comfort zone. This means that I’ll try to at least read one book (or series) that fits that category each month. Some months it might be more than one, others’ it might be less. But my goal is to at least try it.


My book likes:

  • A solid world build
  • POV swaps
  • Strong female leads, who understand that the entire plot doesn’t evolve around them.
  • Good communication between the characters
  • Character development


My book dislikes:

  • Female main characters that has the plot bending over backwards for them, and their special snowflake syndrome.
  • Gaps in the world build.
  • Unnecessary drama.
  • Lack of character development.

In 2018 I’ve started getting into ARC and BETA reading and, if you want to know more about who I’ve beta & ARC read for, please take a look here.


If you want, you can read my Review Policy by clicking the link.



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